November 23, 2010

Yellow nail lacquer

I've been trying to find a good yellow nail polish for a while now. I've bought three and none of them are quite what I'm looking for.

Ulta has a yellow called sun-sational for $5. You have to put at least three coats, I put four and it still looked like it could use one more. This dries pretty fast and doesn't chip so easily.

I put one coat of O.P.I's Lemonade stand by your man from the Retro fun in the sun collection over the Ulta Creme and it came out like this
Pretty much the same, just with a bit of shimmer. This O.P.I polish is exactly like Sunny Romance of Saint Tropez from CHI. 

My index and middle finger are CHI, and my ring and pinky are O.P.I. Three coats each. They're identical, and both dry kinda slow but don't chip much, but neither are the yellow I want. 

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