November 3, 2010

Eye makeup remover wipes

I hate removing my eye makeup with liquid remover. It gets into my eye and it bothers me, so I love eye makeup remover wipes. I've tried a few, but so far I have two favorites.

I love Neutrogena's makeup remover wipes because it really does get all of my makeup off. Downside, It's sooo oily! I have to wash my face right after because it feels so greasy. If you have very dry skin, this would be good for you. But if not, try their oil-free wipes. These are $6.49 and can be found  here

I also like Maybelline's Expert Eyes remover wipes. These don't remove as well as the Neautrogena ones do, but if you put a little pressure while removing then it works well. This product isn't greasy at all. I don't like the smell of these, they smelled like Wasabi when I first opened them. The smell is kind of going away now though. I think these wipes work better when I wear less makeup, if I wear a lot of eyeshadow and mascara then I need to use two. Overall, this is a great product! These are $6.99 for 50 at Walgreens. The product page is here

(pictures were found on the companys website)

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