November 2, 2010


Recently my grandma, my friend Daphne and I went makeup shopping. I found a lot of great items, and some not-so great items.
One thing I bought was a shimmer pot called Shimmy by Julia Hewett.
I got it in "cleo".  I'm not absolutely crazy about this item, because you have to make sure you use a very very small amount when you're using it, or it will be too shimmery. It makes me look like I have a bit of a tan when I put a little on my cheekbones. I do like this product for my body though, it looks very pretty on my arms and collarbone! Because of how little of this you should use, this product will last a very long time. I would recommend this more for naturally darker women, not women who are pale. It's $22, you can get it at this website

I also got this Anastasia clear Brow gel, which I actually like. I usually get frustrated because my eye brows don't always stay in place, so this product is good for me! It's super easy to apply and super easy to get off. The only thing i'm not too fond of, is that it feels a bit like hairspray when you put it on and it dries. And if you accidently put too much, you can definitely tell! Other than that, this is a great brow gel. It separates and keeps in place. I also like that it's clear, so it's good for any color! It's $21 and you can get it at this website

I really really like this lipgloss! Daphne convinced me to get it, she said she really likes these glosses. This product promises to brighten your smile and freshen your breath, and it does! I love how you can smell the mintyness of this gloss after applying it. It feels minty too. I got this in the color Freedom of Peach, which is a color I think is good for my skin tone and hair color (Light beige and dark brown). I would definitely recommend this. Try to buy a color that you know would look good on you, like if you have another lip gloss in a similar color. Or get the blue one, called Happy Hour. That could be used on anyones skin tone. To find what stores near you this product is at, check on but at Walgreens it's $4.99. You can find this product at this website

(all pictures were taken from the companys website)

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