November 22, 2010

Lip gloss!

Here are a few Lip gloss reviews!

I tried out two lip glosses from Express, in caramel drop and hawaiian slam, both $7 at Express.
I love caramel drop, it's a very pretty color. It's a shimmery tan with a hint of pink. It applies easily, smells delicious, tastes sweet, and has a very pretty sheer color on my lips. I love the slight shimmer in it. I prefer this to the other, because Hawaiian slam has bigger shimmer and glitter in it. It still is very pretty, but a little too glittery for me. This one is clear with pink and green-blue glitter in it. It smells really fruity and good, and tastes good too. But when I am wearing it, I can feel the glitter which I don't really like. I do like these glosses though and I plan on buying more. They're not sticky, and you don't have to apply them a lot of times like normal lip glosses.


I got this lip gloss from Sephora, and I really like it. It's more of a special occasion gloss than an everyday gloss for me. It smells just like cinnamon buns, and it's slightly sweet but not that much. I LOVE this color, the picture doesn't show it well, but this is a very pretty transparent color with pink, gold, and green shimmer in it. I love how you can't feel the glitter and it's not too much, but this is a little sticky. I get very annoyed because my long hair gets stuck in it a lot! That's the only con for me, I'm definitely buying more of these glosses. They're $10 at ulta, sephora, and on

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