October 1, 2010


I have used so many different beauty products from different brands, I've tried expensive makeup and super cheap makeup, and i've found some favorites throughout all that.

My favorite mascara is the Falsies volum express from Maybelline. The spoon brush is a little harder to use than a normal mascara brush but when I got the hang of it that results were amazing. I get compliments all the time on my eyelashes. This mascara is way less clumpy than most, but it still might need a little cleaning up once in a while. 
It's usually around 7 or 8 bucks but Ulta has it right now for $4.19 and Target has it for $5.

Another one of my favorites is the tinted moisturizer in neutral by Clinique. I use it as foundation because it covers very well but doesn't dry out my skin. It's $27 on clinique and sephora.

My favorite eyeshadow is Benefits creaseless eyeshadow in r.s.v.p. which sells for $19 on their website and sephora. I love this because the color is light and shimmery so if I don't have enough time to do all of my makeup, I just put this on with a brush.

I also love the eyeshadow from MAC in the color Mulch. It's $14.50. The color is a coppery brown that is a little sparkley and very pretty. I like putting this on the outer corner of my eyelid. 

My favorite lip color is Buxom lips in Kanani. I love the color because I can go anywhere without makeup just wearing this color. It's a nice magenta color and it plumps but doesn't feel like normal lip plumpers do. It just feels minty. This sells for $18.

So those are my favorite makeup products, my next post will be my favorite bath and body products!

(i got the pictures from the companys website, except for the benefit eyeshadow and the lip gloss pictures are from lookfantastic.com)

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